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Instruments Ballet Academy - Studio Guidelines & Release

Payments and Enrollment: Tuition payments/arrangements are due with class enrollment. Payments made later than the 5th day of the month are subject to a late fee of $10. If you are unable to make payment in full, please set up secure Auto Pay for processing the first week of each month. We encourage class enrollment for the year August - June to allow your child to build strong  relationships and gain a better understanding of their dance disciplines. However, students may join any time there is space. Classes will be opened when a minimum of 3 students are enrolled. If your child must withdraw for some reason, PLEASE notify the director in writing. Tuition not only pays for your child’s instruction but their space in class.  We often have students waitlisted. There are no tuition refunds. But a credit balance will remain on your account for 1 year for you to use. Instruments Ballet Academy does not give credit for class(es) missed due to vacation, illness, holidays, weather, etc.


Class Etiquette: Please arrive 10-15 minutes before class so your dancer can be fully prepared to enter their classroom on time and ready to dance in proper dress code including hair in a secure bun for ballet and ponytail for electives. Every effort is made to integrate all students, including those with Special Needs. Please discuss any concerns you may have privately with the teacher/director. Our studio is a place to practice kindness and respect towards everyone. We strive to uphold Christian values and behaviors and encourage you to consider your audience and environment while in the studio. Dancer etiquette requires us to politely thank and curtsy/bow to their teacher after each class.  In the classroom, students are not allowed to sit down, talk, or leave unless permitted by the teacher.  If a child is unable to cooperate with the teacher and fellow students, they may be asked to take a short break with the parent. The student may return to class after they have gathered themselves and are ready to learn. Parents may regularly observe class through windows.  The teacher may close blinds when necessary. Only water bottles may be brought into the classroom. No other beverage, food, gum, or street shoes will be permitted. 


Placement/Level/Advancement: Students progress in their training by developing a strong work ethic, discipline, strength, technique and artistry. Not all students do this at an equal pace. Most importantly, technique milestones must be reached before progression can occur. Placement and progression to the next level is by recommendation of the Teaching Team only. We do not place or advance students solely based on their age or on their level at a previous ballet school. Parents are asked to not question current level placement or recommend graduation to the next level. Students, on the other hand, are encouraged to interact with staff at appropriate times or schedule appointments if they have questions or concerns with regard to level progression, technique, injuries, etc. Student evaluations are conducted the last month of the year. As an important component to ballet education, all students Ballet 4B-B7 are required to attend Master Classes offered. These Guest Instructor classes/workshops will add an additional $192-$271 to their annual tuition.   


Risks & Emergency: I further understand that there are specific risks of physical or property damages, losses, or injury that may result from my or my child’s participation/activities with Instruments Ballet Academy and I voluntarily assume the risks associated with such participation.  In the event of an Emergency involving your child, every effort will be made to get in touch with their “Emergency Contacts”. If said persons are unreachable, we give permission to emergency personnel for necessary treatment. 

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