***Dancers may wear colored leotards/IBA logo tees the last week of each month***

Please feel free to call with any dress code questions or ask your teacher.





1.We practice and teach a lifestyle of modesty at Instruments Ballet Academy.

2.We uphold a classical dress code to encourage focus, self-discipline, and clarity of movement.

3.Please wear street clothing or a cover up when entering and exiting the studio premises.

4.Do not wear your dance shoes outside and please do not wear street shoes on the studio floor.

5.Small earrings may be worn in class but other types of jewelry are dangerous and are not allowed. 

6.Please label all dancewear and shoes with your initials on the inside tags or elastic to prevent loss of expensive clothing.It all looks the same and can easily get mixed up. 

7.Appropriate warm-ups will be permitted for the first few minutes of class. After that dancers will be expected to remove any extra clothing.

8.Please check the lost and found regularly.


All female students are to wear their hair in a secure bun or French twist with hairpins for ballet and/or a ponytail for all other classes.

Hair must be secure enough to last through all classes without falling out or becoming a distraction. 

Hairnets are recommended for buns.  Hairspray is always necessary. 

Hair that is too short for a bun should be clipped back and/or put into a ponytail.



-Female students in Ballet 1-3 & SBB may wear any color leotard with pink tights and pink ballet slippers. We prefer that skirts are attached at these levels.

-Female students in Ballet 4-8 are required to wear black leotards, a level appropriate hip belt (provided at the studio, with pink tights and pink ballet slippers.

Ballet 4-8 may wear ballet skirts for center work with instructor’s permission.  A tights top or black sports bra may be worn under the leotard for modesty and support.  Practice tutu is suggested for Variations class.  Character shoes and skirt are suggested for teen Musical Theatre class.

-Male ballet students are to wear black tights, with a dance belt, and white fitted tee tucked in. They are to wear black socks w/black ballet slippers. All males may wear athletic shorts over their tights for modesty as well. Male students are to wear white tees with black pants or shorts with requested shoes for Jazz, Tap or Contemporary classes.



Shorts, jazz pants or skirt and a fitted top may be worn over ballet clothes.  Dancer's hair is to remain in a bun or pony tail. 



Tights can be with or without seams and should be full length (footed or convertible). No shimmery or bright colored tights please. 



-Ballet shoes should have elastic sewn in place (never tied in a knot) and worn with ties tucked in. Dancers of the proper age and level of training will be approved for pointe classes. Pointe shoes MUST be approved by their ballet teacher. Dancers will be trained and expected to sew ribbons and elastics on their own pointe shoes. This is a dancer's great pride and responsibility.  It should NOT be done by mothers or grandmothers.

-Jazz shoes are to be tan or black slip-on low profile. Character shoes are to be black Mary Jane style with a heel.

-Contemporary dance shoes such as dance paws may be worn for contemporary class upon approval by your teacher, otherwise jazz shoes are recommended.

-Tap shoes are to be black, preferably Oxford tie, Mary Jane or slip-on styles.  We have limited pairs of tap shoes available for rent, $1 week for the semester plus a $5 deposit.